Darlowo/Rugenwalde is a small Baltic sea Fisher and Merchant Port. Its white sandy beaches with the gentle rushing of incoming waves are perfect for long walks and whether it’s searching for Amber, or reflecting on ones own life and destiny, or simply catching some sun and relaxing in the clean cool water, one will find peace, pleasure and solitude here.

For those interested in history and culture, Darlowo was founded on the 21st of May 1312. The castle (fortification) where the rivers Grabowo and Wiper joined was first started in 1270. Later this legendary castle of King Eric (King of Pomerania, Denmark, Sweden and Norway) during the 15th Century and its torture chamber are quite interesting. The town Cathedral dating back to ca. 1321; though the exact year construction started was lost as a result of 5 terrible fires, which struck the town in the years 1589,1624,1648,1679,&1722, in which the majority of the city’s archives were destroyed. Darlowo has numerous historical buildings and sites ranging from the (Hansa) Hemptmacher dynasty to the location where the (German WWII) worlds largest ever; 80cm, 1350 Ton, Railway Artillery Cannon “DORA” was test fired; along with the surrounding bunker system. see

For horse riding fans, not far from our hotel, is a ranch which offers Horse riding on the beach and around Darlowo as well as basic riding lessons with competent trainers

Darlowo is also home to the famous “Water Park” which offers indoor & outdoor swimming in heated Baltic seawater pools. There is nearby windsurfing and courses in Dabki (8kms).

Darlowo has a newly constructed yacht harbor. There are day-long Baltic sport fishing tours (for cod & flounder).

Darlowo has the yearly (1st week in July) Historical Military Vehicle Meeting in which one can see and ride in some 500+ wheeled & tracked military vehicles located right next to the beach! So, for the ladies, who tire of the “boys toys”, they can relax on the beach, soak up some sun, and enjoy a cocktail.

Finally, don’t forget those fabulous Baltic Sea sunsets sitting on the beach in one of the café/discos which offer plenty of romantic nightlife & dancing.